PETROMAX Enamel Bowls (2 pieces)



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  • 1 ชุดมี 2 ใบ (สีเดียวกัน)
  • ปริมาตร 600 ml
  • ขนาด  14,3 x 14,3 x 5,5 cm น้ำหนัก 142 กรัม

Technical data

Material: steel, enamelled
Capacite: 600 ml
L x W x H (in cm): 14,3 x 14,3 x 5,5
L x W x H w/ packaging (in cm): 15,3 x 15,3 x 7
Weight (in g): 142
Weight with packaging (in g): 300

Scope of delivery

Details Produkt tab - Technical specifications

The Petromax Enamel Bowls are a true lightweight. Optimally prepare and portion your food outdoors with these bowls that are suitable for hot as well as cold dishes. The sturdy and durable bowls are a must for adventurers exploring nature as well as retro style fans in the home kitchen.

The material: Robust and durable

Enamel - the proven compound of glass and steel makes your bowls extremely resistant and robust. The fired surface is heat and scratch-resistant. It can easily be cleaned without great effort. The bowls will not corrode and are fade-resistant. They will be on your side for an outdoor lifetime!

Convenience with style


The protective edge made of stainless steel hygienically locks the bowls which allows you to drink from them. Available in black or white, this bowl is a trusty companion on the go for everyone looking for something handy, light-weight and stylish. Each package contains a set of two enamel bowls.

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