Naturehike เต็นท์ Cloud Up 2 Ultralight Two Man Tent



เต็นท์น้ำหนักเบาเพียง 1.4 kg กันฝน ลม หิมะ ด้วยผ้า 20D Nylon PU 4000+ ระบบระบายอากาศดี นอนได้ 1-2 คน


20D Grey




This tent using ultralight 20D nylon, 7001 aluminum poles, the best interpretation of the ratio of strength and weight. Whether hiking or mountain climbing, can provide you with a high degree of comfort, security and a sense of space. The biggest difference is that the upgrade tent can be freestanding, and has an air-vent.

Waterproof: fully taped Silicon coated seams;
Wind stopper: Reinforced professional pole with bold aluminum pegs;
Insect prevention & ventilation: scientific ventilation system with high-density mesh, insect prevention and breathable.
Free standing

Brand: Naturehike
Model NO. : NH17T001-T
Name: Cloud Up2 Series Camping Tent
Style: 20D / 20D Snow Skirt / 210T
Size: 270x130x105cm
Packing Size: 45x12x12cm
Tent Pole: 7001 Aluminium Alloy
Accessories: Ground Nail*11 / Wind Rope*5 (Weight: 0.14kg)

UP2 20D Nylon:
Weight:1.4kg (No Accessroies)
Outer Tent: 20D Nylon Plaid(Silicone Coating) PU4000mm
Inner Tent: B3 Mesh
Bottom Tent: 20D Nylon Plaid Cloth PU4000mm
Color: Grey

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